Mother Nature holds immense power when it comes to determining the vision behind intimate gatherings in her domain.  Utilising wares from the sea and keeping the colour palette muted and clean, the idea was to showcase the speciality of our natural surrounds.

Naturally-beaten sea glass, oceanic worn shells and flickering candlelight was all that was needed to heighten the ambiance of the great outdoors, creating a gathering so relaxed and inviting, reminiscent to the surrounds in which it is set.

Long driftwood tables are left raw and honest, flanked with flickering candlelit lanterns and adorned with wares from the sea, a setting that leans on all that can be foraged from the grounds below.

Creative Direction and Stylist: Laura at Wanderlust Creative
Photographer: Stef from Stefani Driscoll Photography
STATIONARY: Natalie from Natalie Martin
BLOOMS: Lu from Pearl and Boston
DECOR: DRESS My Wedding, Pepper Sprout Hire, Home in the Hamptons, Provincial Home Living