....it costs HOW MUCH?!

Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

Yeap - thats the sound we all hear when the word "wedding" is placed in front of an enquiry.  Do you feel as though that house deposit is slowly slipping away with each invoice? That costs you had no idea even existed are now "overdue"?

Wedding associated costs can be tough to wrap your head around if you haven't been there before (and, lets be honest, i hope none of you reading this are "experts" in the field - we strive to get married only once right?!) and so i thought i tally up a blow by blow account of advise for setting your wedding day budget and sticking to it! (well, positively attempting to anyway!!)

Basic Budget Tip 1 - SET YOUR PRIORITIES
What is the most important features to you and your hubby to be? Is it food? Music? Lighting? Do you care about what chairs your guests sit on, and does he care about what scotch is served? Discuss what you both deem as a necessity to be a big part of your special day, and start there. Work you way backwards in a budget as making the most important features really amazing will set the tone for the entire day.

Basic Budget Tip 2 - NO: OF GUESTS
Before styling, before the multiple stationary suites, before alcohol choice comes THE list of lists. Your guest list. The number of people you'd love to invite tallies up REAL quick and you'd be totally shocked at how fast 'budgets' are exceeded. So, if you are wanting a big wedding, be prepared to then stretch the styling budget...or revise the peeps invited as big weddings generally equal big expense, before you have even looked into the flowers!!

No, you can not recreate that wedding from Pinterest for under $5000. You get what you pay for.  You want big, you pay big. The cascading vases of peonies will not be the same price as your mixed wild flowers in mason jars. The best advise that can be given is to consult a stylist and when talking with vendors, give them your budgets and your inspo pics. Then you will be able to gauge what you can and can't afford on the current ideals, and change accordingly. 

Basic Budget Tip 4 - LOOK AT LENGTH
When beginning the planning process, i always tell my clients that preparedness is key. Look at multiple vendors, get multiple quotes, ask for multiple options and variations. The look you want can be achieved for the price you need - if you are willing to do the background work. Don't be afraid to ask for help from those within the industry if you become stuck in a pigeon hole - and can't move past. 

Basic Budget Tip 5 - THE "OH MY GOD" FACTOR
Everybody wants to create a wedding where their guests are left saying "wow". Pick ONE wow factor. Whether it be the food, the alcohol, the decor or the "station" (cheese table, photo booth, jumping castle.....why not??!!), this one element is what will leave your guests remembering your special day in years to come. This can be achieved through something as small as having waiters learn guests names for favourite drinks for refills or toasts, or even just the band dedicating a certain song to certain people in memory of the couples friendship - paying a little extra for a special feature will allow your budget to be kept tight for the rest of the night... After all - less is more when it comes to impact!

x L