And you do what exactly...?!

This is a legitimate question.

Its not a silly one.

And rest assured - it is not one that we will get offended at if you ask!

We don’t expect you to know all the details from the very beginning, its not something that is text book. Every wedding is different. Every situation is different.

As a couple, you only plan on doing this whole marriage thing once right? And so if that is the case,

‘ then of course you guys know nothing about the ins and outs of the wedding business!!!

From years of experience - i’m telling you now - ASK THE QUESTION! If you don’t understand, or you are unclear about what each supplier you are hiring, does - ask the question! If you want to know if they cover a certain requirement - ask the question!

A common ‘assumption’ (and assumptions are BAD, just an FYI…) is that a planner and a stylist is the same thing. Or a planner can be your stylist. Or if you hire a stylist, they can do additional planning jobs for you too!…. this is not the case.

Planners do just that. They plan. They organise, synchronise, control, and make it happen. They are your logistical fairies and coordinating queens/kings.

Wedding planners are the driving force of coordinating the composition for a wedding to occur.

Planners focus on the background of your big day (the self proclaimed un-fun part of this whole journey!!) - sourcing your venues, coordinating and managing all your vendors (which can include but not be limited to celebrant, photographer, entertainment, catering, transport etc) they manage your budget, coordinate your run sheet, create the vendor set up timeline and make sure you eat before you go out for sunset photos! Dependant on a private venue or a marquee wedding - which both have varying factors due to the nature of the venue you end up selecting, your planner may even be on site to make sure that the days event run to schedule, right up until you final guest has boarded the bus and is on their way home.

And then their is the right side of the brain - our creative goddesses!

Stylists vibe off planners (hence why we have a planning facet within our own business also! ;) The organisation of a planner lends itself to a well oiled supplier base for a stylist. And when both work together on a regular basis - the client will reap the benefits!

Stylists control the creative cohesiveness of your wedding day. We are the visionaries of your story, your aesthetics, your voice and most importantly the feeling you and your guests get when they experience your big day! Our creative team will design a concept for our couple that reflects them as people, their relationship together and the external loves of their lives.

The final brief provided to the couple will include colour and textural palettes, floor plans for ceremony and reception areas, stationery graphic design and material suggestions for on the day signage, floral varieties, colour, and style of arrangement for all personal and on the day requirements, furniture and decor hire, creation and custom buid. Lighting. Candles. Everything that is involved in creating a mood, a sense of being.

On the day of your wedding, our head stylist (Laura) will be present alongside the set up team to execute the final creative for your wedding day and to address any issues that may arise relating to the stylings aspect of your wedding.

Phew. Well that was a mouthful wasn’t it?! But in all seriousness, there is a very clear line between the two facets (the whole left side/right side of the brain really does exist!!!) once you get the nitty gritty of what each service is responsible for!

Sometimes, when you do it every day like we do, its easy for us to assume (theres that bad word again..!) that you guys just get it…and as you can see from the above description - there is ALOT to get!

So if you are ever unclear about any kind of service that you may think your planner or stylist does/or does not do - ASK.