Location Location...

Well. The ring is on, the maids are chosen...the venue hunt is about to start!!! 
A lot of my clients come to me in a flap about venues and the questions i get asked the most is on location etiquette. Especially for interstate/international guests. 

When you are looking for THE place, so many questions come into it. The distance from your house, the distance from your mothers house, the distance from civilisation (lets face it, some of the best locations are in the missile of nowhere!)

There are two ways you can approach looking for a venue - one is for the DIY queen (aka the control freak, individualistic lover, creative soul) that needs space and ability to work a vision. And the second option is to approach it the realistic way. (Not my way of choice but a damn sight easier than the above option!!) 

Ok DIY creative #bridebosses: Step one. Get a venue that is blank. A complete shell. A warehouse, a barn, a shed, an abandoned building. A place that is open to having hooks nailed into it, and chandeliers strung from its beams! You can find most of this gorgeous places a little out of town - think winery regions, farm stays or even private properties on the coast (or, if your in the CBD in Vic - 1000 pound bend or The Substation are inner city diamonds!!)
If you want to go down this road - and trust me, this is by far the best way to go for a creative - you get to have everything the way you want it!! Tip one - HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER (*cough cough* ;) There is a lot and i mean ALOT that needs to be organised and unless you are retired at home or a crazy woman that never sleeps - its going to be hard to nail all on your own. Tip 2 - be prepared to have one AWESOMELY designed space!! It may be a tad costly - but wow - will you be happy in years gone by that you got the dream you envisioned!!

Now - #litertallassies - you if you after a hassle free, easy to organise wedding then i recommend an established venue to host your soiree. The food is provided, there are clean toilets on site and there are staff to serve you drinks! Thats all you need right?? Well, you'll need some special touches to really make the place yours, but yes - its all included in the package. So don't be afraid when there is a price. You have to pay for what you need and sometimes we think an initial cost is a lot? But when you add up doing it the other way - 9 times out of 10 you will come out on top.

People love a wedding. And people love a holiday. And so when there is a wedding and a holiday combined - most people don't bat an eyelid! So don't worry too much about the distance factor. There may be some initial complaints (especially from your third cousins wife who is more used to a chauffeur than a drop toilet) however remember its your day.

So - be it an all hands on deck production to lift this wedding off the ground or a waltz in waltz out kind of a party - the main thing to remember when you are looking at venues is to go with what you and your fiancé (yes guys - that means you need to go on these adventures too!!) think you will need to have a cracker of a night!!! After all - your getting MARRIED!!!!