Ring Ring!

Are you one of those people that begin your 3rd birthday party with a rundown for your besties about your 'dream day'?
Do you wear your mums veil to daycare?
Does the planning process begin as soon as you can write the 'to do' lists?

For some of us - we have a little Glory Box hidden away in our cupboards - one that we add to every chance we get.  
Whether it be snippets from magazines, offcuts from fabrics found while rummaging through a market place or your grandma's well worn 'vintage' stiletto's - inspiration for your big day can be found everywhere.

In every one of us is the thought of THE ring. Its totally like THE dress....just before the dress has really even been considered! It changes as often as your underwear and many a time i remember having the thought of "what if i get over it"? "what if the one i love is too expensive?" "should i tag my boyf in this ring pic? Or this one? Or maybe this one?" or the worst of the lot "what if my partner chooses the ring without me...he has no style!!"
You say one of these thoughts hasn't ever crossed your mind?? I call bullshit! ;)

The ring is forever. Much like your hubby or wife. You generally don't upgrade (well i hope not too often!) and you generally don't hide it - so you have to love it right? 
The best advice i can give a girl or guy regarding wedding or engagement rings is  chose one that represents YOU and HER or HIM. Don't go towards the trends or fads of the time. Don't go with what you think your friends will love. Don't listen when those jealous types who say "oh - i don't think that suits you".... go with your gut instinct and appreciate you even have a ring.  

Some of us don't find that type of love in a lifetime - be grateful you have found the one and embrace even the most ambiguous looking rings as you will look back one day and think - the love of my life gave me this. This is from them. And ill love it forever.


x L