Time to commit...

I have never been one to blog myself.
I read them. Obsessively.
But not one to sit and commit. Today it begins. I think maybe this will be a great way to fill in a hump day and look forward to the best days of the week to come!

This first blog is about beginnings.

Humble beginnings for Wanderlust Creative. I began to dream about weddings the first week i met my now husband.
Creepy i know.....
I didn't let him know about those thoughts though - i left that convo for week 2 ;)

We were together for 8 years before he proposed - and still, to this day, he claims he needed every minute of those 2920 days to be "100%" sure about it...... 

We were in no rush to get married though - we love to travel, have done so together ever since we first met, so we had a few trips planned already before we got down to business and began to search for a venue.
I was so lucky (or maybe hubby was the lucky one) that i had an amazing friend - and now a Wanderluster herself (!!!) Tammy, who was getting married around the same time as i, worked in the same building as i (actually right opposite my desk) and so we talked for hours and hours through our little peephole of a window about venues and bands and flowers and dresses.....
These convo's saved me the eye rolling from hubby when i asked whether he liked the stako or off white spray roses colour better - and made the process so much more fun!! 

We finally settled on a venue (my issue, as brides will always have one, were chairs) so, after 12 months of looking, it was locked in and we got married 12 months after booking. We wed at Stones of the Yarra Vally in Coldstream, on a 38degree summers day. I can not recommend the experience highly enough - the venue is TOTALLY amazing, the staff were so wonderful - the food is still raved about today! 

Everything (even the mini meltdowns i had the day before) was just as id planned in my head. I enlisted the help of Laura Harvey from Weddings of Desire to bring to life my styled concept on the day, which i couldn't have been happier about. Being an obsessive compulsive about details (planner side) + creatively excitable (stylist side), i needed someone who got me, my vision for the day and could execute everything i wanted in a PERFECT fashion (as, being a budding industry participant - i would be searching for flaws). Luckily for hubby and i, i chose the perfect person!

We got married, it was perfect.
We danced the night away with our loved ones, it was perfect.
We met everyone for a post wedding/hangover cure breakfast the next morning....it was almost perfect, except for that nagging headache. 

However i did realise, though all the perfectness....that it is HARD to plan a wedding yourself, while your working full time and still wanting to have some fun in your life!

And so - i went to back to school (which i SWORE id never do again after uni) to do a few courses on the industry.
Sometimes you think because you live the experience, you know everything there is to know, but i was concerned that, couples placing all their trust in me? I would DIE if i missed something. So i wanted to make sure that what i thought i knew, i did. 

Life kept going. Hubby and i kept travelling. I kept stalling on committing (see a trend here?!?!?!) to this dream as there were other, more pressing issues, to attend to. And little did we know, growing a human was one of them!!!!

So now, i am a mother. I am a wife. I am still a traveller (i wouldn't call them holidays anymore with a baby in toe) and i am 100% wedding OBSESSED!
This dream for me began so many years ago, but i am one of the lucky few to be able to say that i get to live all that i love, every day of the year.

Wanderlust's dream is to help clients realise theirs. And to make their day the BEST. DAY. EVER!!! 

x L