A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.... Vera Wang

You have the ring, the venue, the maids and of course, the fiancé. You are now thinking budgets, flowers, cakes and decor. But hang on......you want your day to reflect the people in it - you and your partner, your style, your dress.

THE DRESS. THE ALMIGHTY WHITE DRESS. Stop the bus - and get on the train wreck to choosing your 'forever' gown... 

You have the Pinterest board going, the designer links tagged, the photo ops screen shot... now you just need to go and get yourself one of those fabulous white beauties!

Pick your favourite bridal street in the city, put aside at least a full weekend and go hell for leather at all boutiques! Im serious! The more styles you try on the better!!! You will be blown away with the way silhouettes sit on the body. That princess gown you vowed never to be seen dead in? - that will probably end up being THE ONE!!!

If i can offer one piece of advice? DO NOT GO TREND BASED IF IT IS NOT YOU!!! You do not want to look back in 20 years and think....who IS that? That so wasn't 'me'. (cue black and white photos on your family home wall of your mother in her taffeta, shoulder padded, sequin encrusted, organza overlaid, tulle trained puff back gown.....)

So while you are in the 6th shop for the day, your eyes are popping out of your head, your bridesmaids are feeling the pinch of being a spectator for so long, you mother is complaining about the lack of bottled water while they wait......put on that fishtail gown and remember to move. Run, hop, skip, dance - bust a few high kicks, pop a few squats...just remember to MOVE. You will not be in this dress in a boutique for 10 minutes - you are in it for 10hrs!!!! And if you come up from your famous party tick - doing 'the worm' and still feel rockstar-ish in the dress.... GET IT! It is THE ONE!!! 

There are so many beautiful gowns out there. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful silhouettes, beautiful designer brands....however the only important factor in the choice is that YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL! 

It is your wedding day after all.....