And you do what exactly...?!

This is a legitimate question.

Its not a silly one.

And rest assured - it is not one that we will get offended at if you ask!

We don’t expect you to know all the details from the very beginning, its not something that is text book. Every wedding is different. Every situation is different.

As a couple, you only plan on doing this whole marriage thing once right? And so if that is the case,

‘ then of course you guys know nothing about the ins and outs of the wedding business!!!

From years of experience - i’m telling you now - ASK THE QUESTION! If you don’t understand, or you are unclear about what each supplier you are hiring, does - ask the question! If you want to know if they cover a certain requirement - ask the question!

A common ‘assumption’ (and assumptions are BAD, just an FYI…) is that a planner and a stylist is the same thing. Or a planner can be your stylist. Or if you hire a stylist, they can do additional planning jobs for you too!…. this is not the case.

Planners do just that. They plan. They organise, synchronise, control, and make it happen. They are your logistical fairies and coordinating queens/kings.

Wedding planners are the driving force of coordinating the composition for a wedding to occur.

Planners focus on the background of your big day (the self proclaimed un-fun part of this whole journey!!) - sourcing your venues, coordinating and managing all your vendors (which can include but not be limited to celebrant, photographer, entertainment, catering, transport etc) they manage your budget, coordinate your run sheet, create the vendor set up timeline and make sure you eat before you go out for sunset photos! Dependant on a private venue or a marquee wedding - which both have varying factors due to the nature of the venue you end up selecting, your planner may even be on site to make sure that the days event run to schedule, right up until you final guest has boarded the bus and is on their way home.

And then their is the right side of the brain - our creative goddesses!

Stylists vibe off planners (hence why we have a planning facet within our own business also! ;) The organisation of a planner lends itself to a well oiled supplier base for a stylist. And when both work together on a regular basis - the client will reap the benefits!

Stylists control the creative cohesiveness of your wedding day. We are the visionaries of your story, your aesthetics, your voice and most importantly the feeling you and your guests get when they experience your big day! Our creative team will design a concept for our couple that reflects them as people, their relationship together and the external loves of their lives.

The final brief provided to the couple will include colour and textural palettes, floor plans for ceremony and reception areas, stationery graphic design and material suggestions for on the day signage, floral varieties, colour, and style of arrangement for all personal and on the day requirements, furniture and decor hire, creation and custom buid. Lighting. Candles. Everything that is involved in creating a mood, a sense of being.

On the day of your wedding, our head stylist (Laura) will be present alongside the set up team to execute the final creative for your wedding day and to address any issues that may arise relating to the stylings aspect of your wedding.

Phew. Well that was a mouthful wasn’t it?! But in all seriousness, there is a very clear line between the two facets (the whole left side/right side of the brain really does exist!!!) once you get the nitty gritty of what each service is responsible for!

Sometimes, when you do it every day like we do, its easy for us to assume (theres that bad word again..!) that you guys just get it…and as you can see from the above description - there is ALOT to get!

So if you are ever unclear about any kind of service that you may think your planner or stylist does/or does not do - ASK.


A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.... Vera Wang

You have the ring, the venue, the maids and of course, the fiancé. You are now thinking budgets, flowers, cakes and decor. But hang want your day to reflect the people in it - you and your partner, your style, your dress.

THE DRESS. THE ALMIGHTY WHITE DRESS. Stop the bus - and get on the train wreck to choosing your 'forever' gown... 

You have the Pinterest board going, the designer links tagged, the photo ops screen shot... now you just need to go and get yourself one of those fabulous white beauties!

Pick your favourite bridal street in the city, put aside at least a full weekend and go hell for leather at all boutiques! Im serious! The more styles you try on the better!!! You will be blown away with the way silhouettes sit on the body. That princess gown you vowed never to be seen dead in? - that will probably end up being THE ONE!!!

If i can offer one piece of advice? DO NOT GO TREND BASED IF IT IS NOT YOU!!! You do not want to look back in 20 years and think....who IS that? That so wasn't 'me'. (cue black and white photos on your family home wall of your mother in her taffeta, shoulder padded, sequin encrusted, organza overlaid, tulle trained puff back gown.....)

So while you are in the 6th shop for the day, your eyes are popping out of your head, your bridesmaids are feeling the pinch of being a spectator for so long, you mother is complaining about the lack of bottled water while they wait......put on that fishtail gown and remember to move. Run, hop, skip, dance - bust a few high kicks, pop a few squats...just remember to MOVE. You will not be in this dress in a boutique for 10 minutes - you are in it for 10hrs!!!! And if you come up from your famous party tick - doing 'the worm' and still feel rockstar-ish in the dress.... GET IT! It is THE ONE!!! 

There are so many beautiful gowns out there. Beautiful fabrics, beautiful silhouettes, beautiful designer brands....however the only important factor in the choice is that YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL! 

It is your wedding day after all.....

X WC costs HOW MUCH?!

Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

Yeap - thats the sound we all hear when the word "wedding" is placed in front of an enquiry.  Do you feel as though that house deposit is slowly slipping away with each invoice? That costs you had no idea even existed are now "overdue"?

Wedding associated costs can be tough to wrap your head around if you haven't been there before (and, lets be honest, i hope none of you reading this are "experts" in the field - we strive to get married only once right?!) and so i thought i tally up a blow by blow account of advise for setting your wedding day budget and sticking to it! (well, positively attempting to anyway!!)

Basic Budget Tip 1 - SET YOUR PRIORITIES
What is the most important features to you and your hubby to be? Is it food? Music? Lighting? Do you care about what chairs your guests sit on, and does he care about what scotch is served? Discuss what you both deem as a necessity to be a big part of your special day, and start there. Work you way backwards in a budget as making the most important features really amazing will set the tone for the entire day.

Basic Budget Tip 2 - NO: OF GUESTS
Before styling, before the multiple stationary suites, before alcohol choice comes THE list of lists. Your guest list. The number of people you'd love to invite tallies up REAL quick and you'd be totally shocked at how fast 'budgets' are exceeded. So, if you are wanting a big wedding, be prepared to then stretch the styling budget...or revise the peeps invited as big weddings generally equal big expense, before you have even looked into the flowers!!

No, you can not recreate that wedding from Pinterest for under $5000. You get what you pay for.  You want big, you pay big. The cascading vases of peonies will not be the same price as your mixed wild flowers in mason jars. The best advise that can be given is to consult a stylist and when talking with vendors, give them your budgets and your inspo pics. Then you will be able to gauge what you can and can't afford on the current ideals, and change accordingly. 

Basic Budget Tip 4 - LOOK AT LENGTH
When beginning the planning process, i always tell my clients that preparedness is key. Look at multiple vendors, get multiple quotes, ask for multiple options and variations. The look you want can be achieved for the price you need - if you are willing to do the background work. Don't be afraid to ask for help from those within the industry if you become stuck in a pigeon hole - and can't move past. 

Basic Budget Tip 5 - THE "OH MY GOD" FACTOR
Everybody wants to create a wedding where their guests are left saying "wow". Pick ONE wow factor. Whether it be the food, the alcohol, the decor or the "station" (cheese table, photo booth, jumping castle.....why not??!!), this one element is what will leave your guests remembering your special day in years to come. This can be achieved through something as small as having waiters learn guests names for favourite drinks for refills or toasts, or even just the band dedicating a certain song to certain people in memory of the couples friendship - paying a little extra for a special feature will allow your budget to be kept tight for the rest of the night... After all - less is more when it comes to impact!

x L


Location Location...

Well. The ring is on, the maids are chosen...the venue hunt is about to start!!! 
A lot of my clients come to me in a flap about venues and the questions i get asked the most is on location etiquette. Especially for interstate/international guests. 

When you are looking for THE place, so many questions come into it. The distance from your house, the distance from your mothers house, the distance from civilisation (lets face it, some of the best locations are in the missile of nowhere!)

There are two ways you can approach looking for a venue - one is for the DIY queen (aka the control freak, individualistic lover, creative soul) that needs space and ability to work a vision. And the second option is to approach it the realistic way. (Not my way of choice but a damn sight easier than the above option!!) 

Ok DIY creative #bridebosses: Step one. Get a venue that is blank. A complete shell. A warehouse, a barn, a shed, an abandoned building. A place that is open to having hooks nailed into it, and chandeliers strung from its beams! You can find most of this gorgeous places a little out of town - think winery regions, farm stays or even private properties on the coast (or, if your in the CBD in Vic - 1000 pound bend or The Substation are inner city diamonds!!)
If you want to go down this road - and trust me, this is by far the best way to go for a creative - you get to have everything the way you want it!! Tip one - HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER (*cough cough* ;) There is a lot and i mean ALOT that needs to be organised and unless you are retired at home or a crazy woman that never sleeps - its going to be hard to nail all on your own. Tip 2 - be prepared to have one AWESOMELY designed space!! It may be a tad costly - but wow - will you be happy in years gone by that you got the dream you envisioned!!

Now - #litertallassies - you if you after a hassle free, easy to organise wedding then i recommend an established venue to host your soiree. The food is provided, there are clean toilets on site and there are staff to serve you drinks! Thats all you need right?? Well, you'll need some special touches to really make the place yours, but yes - its all included in the package. So don't be afraid when there is a price. You have to pay for what you need and sometimes we think an initial cost is a lot? But when you add up doing it the other way - 9 times out of 10 you will come out on top.

People love a wedding. And people love a holiday. And so when there is a wedding and a holiday combined - most people don't bat an eyelid! So don't worry too much about the distance factor. There may be some initial complaints (especially from your third cousins wife who is more used to a chauffeur than a drop toilet) however remember its your day.

So - be it an all hands on deck production to lift this wedding off the ground or a waltz in waltz out kind of a party - the main thing to remember when you are looking at venues is to go with what you and your fiancé (yes guys - that means you need to go on these adventures too!!) think you will need to have a cracker of a night!!! After all - your getting MARRIED!!!!



Babe'n Maids

Sometimes you just KNOW.
True love. True friendship. True need to consume ALL of that donut...

For some it is a choice that doesn't need a moments consideration - "duh we are like besties for life, sisters from another mister - we don't do anything without each other....this is my #girlboss pack - sorry babe, i NEED every one of these 19 girls as my bridesmaids..."

 For others, it can mean coutless sleepless nights, guilt ridden apologies and stage ten anxiety levels (that's got nothing to do with your 'shreddin for the weddin' lack of food intake crazy fad diet you have started 2 years in advance either by the way)...

You maid choice is one of the most important people choices after your husband. The best advice i ever received from a friend was "you want to look down that aisle, on your big day and not regret a single moment. You want to stand there and KNOW that these girls are there for you.
Did i listen...yes. Was it too late....perhaps for me.. :( but it is the one piece of advice that i tell all my clients if they haven't chosen their bridal party yet. 
Here are my top tips for choosing a bridal party that'll blow your socks off (without complaining about their dress choice either...!)

1 Think of YOU: Does she complain about her dress, your flower choice, the 'ugly' groomsman she may be partnered with? Chances are, if you can see your friend doing this - she does not deserve to be up there with you on your special day.  Deep down you will know, straight away the must haves. Start with them. Put their names down on paper. Talk to your fiancé. Don't even let the other emotions or family obligations come into it just yet...Hopefully hubby to be will have the same number of people he knows he wants and your quest if over!

2 Kick anxiety to the curb: If you are one to be 'all inclusive' because you don't want to hurt feelings, or 'she asked you to be hers', or she'll crack it, take the path of least resistance. I'd bet you were someone who hurt themselves before they would hurt others...and you know what. Sometimes you may just have to do that. If you look back and go -DAMN, i wish i didn't have can deal with that (that's why we have unreal digital masters and photographers out there who know how to photoshop), what you may not be able to deal with later on, down the track is that awful feeling of not haven a gf in there because it threw out numbers, or if you have her, you have to have them too.
Who cares! The more the merrier!

3 Family Obligation: You may not want your brothers girlfriend or your 3rd cousin up there next to you....chances are, she doesn't want to be up there either! It is a hard convo but one that has to happen early on and be totally honest. Be mindful of their feelings, but be ruthless. Blame numbers, blame friends - do not blame yourself for not choosing them. By the time the big day gets there, she will be more interested in the free booze and selfie station than fixing your train and reapplying your lipgloss!

4 Will you be my... Once you have settled on the who's - the next step is the how's. How will you ask them? How will you let the other down gently?
Big productions are all the rage for revealing to your bridesmaids that they are your chosen ones! Online proposals, secret mail deliveries, long lunches to show how much you love them. You can do any that you wish - the hard part is over, this is now for the fun parts to begin! 
Just remember that if there are a few who didn't make the cut and you are afraid of hurting some feelings - make sure you talk to them. The more honest you are, the less they have to be mad at you with. Much like your family members who didn't get a call up - once the festivities are here, the "hurt" will be long forgotten.

5 Finally?? Its your day. Its your wedding. Its your husband and ultimately its for your experience. Be true to yourself. Make sure you are looking down that line at the ladies that make you feel like a #girlboss everyday. Who lift you the highest. And who bring out the best in you. Choose you girls like that, and you won't regret a single moment.



You are cordially invited...

Does anyone even say that anymore?
"Lets get it on" "We are getting hitched" "Sorry - we eloped"!!! - these are more like the types of invites i have been receiving to weddings of late.

To me, i don't care how its worded, i care about how it looks (soz to everyone out there who have sent hubby and i wedding invites - yes, yes i was totally judging all of them!!! :)

The tone to your big day is set out by the paper that is delivered to your guests doorsteps. 
You wouldn't think that a coastal inspired, navy blue watercolour anchor invite would have a party destination of an inner city warehouse now would you? I would be expecting the rolling ocean, sea breeze and a few oysters to greet me - not a man bun, tight chino wearing hipster, serving me moet by the bottle in an alley covered with graf work. However - it does add an element of surprise, if thats what your into!

The style of your wedding is most easily created with the style of your stationary. 
The easiest way to really channel your theme and vibe for your special day and to eliminate whether you want boho or rustic is to get those invites out!!  
The stationary is where you can have fun. Be BOLD. Be bright. Really punch those colours, be cliché with the details. 

By using a particular image, art or print on your invitations, you can then scatter that detail through your entire night - place settings, escort cards, favours, menus and even backdrops to the d-floor!

Remember that guests will vibe on what you give them - so give them what you see your day to be.


x L





...the biggest question yet remains: Do you ACTUALLY need Save The Dates????!! Head on over to my lovely friends at Ivory Tribe for their invitation etiquette interview with Paperlust....those tricky questions have all been answered!



Ring Ring!

Are you one of those people that begin your 3rd birthday party with a rundown for your besties about your 'dream day'?
Do you wear your mums veil to daycare?
Does the planning process begin as soon as you can write the 'to do' lists?

For some of us - we have a little Glory Box hidden away in our cupboards - one that we add to every chance we get.  
Whether it be snippets from magazines, offcuts from fabrics found while rummaging through a market place or your grandma's well worn 'vintage' stiletto's - inspiration for your big day can be found everywhere.

In every one of us is the thought of THE ring. Its totally like THE dress....just before the dress has really even been considered! It changes as often as your underwear and many a time i remember having the thought of "what if i get over it"? "what if the one i love is too expensive?" "should i tag my boyf in this ring pic? Or this one? Or maybe this one?" or the worst of the lot "what if my partner chooses the ring without me...he has no style!!"
You say one of these thoughts hasn't ever crossed your mind?? I call bullshit! ;)

The ring is forever. Much like your hubby or wife. You generally don't upgrade (well i hope not too often!) and you generally don't hide it - so you have to love it right? 
The best advice i can give a girl or guy regarding wedding or engagement rings is  chose one that represents YOU and HER or HIM. Don't go towards the trends or fads of the time. Don't go with what you think your friends will love. Don't listen when those jealous types who say "oh - i don't think that suits you".... go with your gut instinct and appreciate you even have a ring.  

Some of us don't find that type of love in a lifetime - be grateful you have found the one and embrace even the most ambiguous looking rings as you will look back one day and think - the love of my life gave me this. This is from them. And ill love it forever.


x L

Time to commit...

I have never been one to blog myself.
I read them. Obsessively.
But not one to sit and commit. Today it begins. I think maybe this will be a great way to fill in a hump day and look forward to the best days of the week to come!

This first blog is about beginnings.

Humble beginnings for Wanderlust Creative. I began to dream about weddings the first week i met my now husband.
Creepy i know.....
I didn't let him know about those thoughts though - i left that convo for week 2 ;)

We were together for 8 years before he proposed - and still, to this day, he claims he needed every minute of those 2920 days to be "100%" sure about it...... 

We were in no rush to get married though - we love to travel, have done so together ever since we first met, so we had a few trips planned already before we got down to business and began to search for a venue.
I was so lucky (or maybe hubby was the lucky one) that i had an amazing friend - and now a Wanderluster herself (!!!) Tammy, who was getting married around the same time as i, worked in the same building as i (actually right opposite my desk) and so we talked for hours and hours through our little peephole of a window about venues and bands and flowers and dresses.....
These convo's saved me the eye rolling from hubby when i asked whether he liked the stako or off white spray roses colour better - and made the process so much more fun!! 

We finally settled on a venue (my issue, as brides will always have one, were chairs) so, after 12 months of looking, it was locked in and we got married 12 months after booking. We wed at Stones of the Yarra Vally in Coldstream, on a 38degree summers day. I can not recommend the experience highly enough - the venue is TOTALLY amazing, the staff were so wonderful - the food is still raved about today! 

Everything (even the mini meltdowns i had the day before) was just as id planned in my head. I enlisted the help of Laura Harvey from Weddings of Desire to bring to life my styled concept on the day, which i couldn't have been happier about. Being an obsessive compulsive about details (planner side) + creatively excitable (stylist side), i needed someone who got me, my vision for the day and could execute everything i wanted in a PERFECT fashion (as, being a budding industry participant - i would be searching for flaws). Luckily for hubby and i, i chose the perfect person!

We got married, it was perfect.
We danced the night away with our loved ones, it was perfect.
We met everyone for a post wedding/hangover cure breakfast the next was almost perfect, except for that nagging headache. 

However i did realise, though all the perfectness....that it is HARD to plan a wedding yourself, while your working full time and still wanting to have some fun in your life!

And so - i went to back to school (which i SWORE id never do again after uni) to do a few courses on the industry.
Sometimes you think because you live the experience, you know everything there is to know, but i was concerned that, couples placing all their trust in me? I would DIE if i missed something. So i wanted to make sure that what i thought i knew, i did. 

Life kept going. Hubby and i kept travelling. I kept stalling on committing (see a trend here?!?!?!) to this dream as there were other, more pressing issues, to attend to. And little did we know, growing a human was one of them!!!!

So now, i am a mother. I am a wife. I am still a traveller (i wouldn't call them holidays anymore with a baby in toe) and i am 100% wedding OBSESSED!
This dream for me began so many years ago, but i am one of the lucky few to be able to say that i get to live all that i love, every day of the year.

Wanderlust's dream is to help clients realise theirs. And to make their day the BEST. DAY. EVER!!! 

x L